A design icon sees the light of day…

Wood is an unadulterated creator of atmosphere. Lieven and his team have well and truly understood that. This means that their creations never detract from the identity of the wood into which they are breathing new life. So when they take delivery of an exceptional piece, their aim is to make the most of that potential. And it need not be a staircase that comes out of it...

From tree trunk to end product. Trappen Demunster has the process under control from the first steps. And that regularly leads to new discoveries. Such as the solid designer tables that have been created by Lieven himself. With their graining and knots, and due to the natural line of the tree having been retained, these tables have a robust appearance with an unusual yet warm look thanks to the natural material. A magnificent item that is perfectly at home in either a traditional or a modern interior. Lieven designed the table-leg in two versions, one in wood and one in metal. But the shape is always the same, with legs protruding along the side. It is the company’s stylistic hallmark that recurs in every design. Another such trademark feature is the side, which is always produced in bark or black lacquer.

As is always the case with Demunster, this is another example of custom-designed work. Its joinery workshop is more than adept at doing justice to the unique properties of different types of wood, and doing so with exceptional skill and an eye for detail. Customers themselves choose the type of wood they want to use and also determine the length and finishing. With the arrival of the new 5-shaft driven CNC milling machine, long tables of up to seven metres can also be made.

You can also come to Demunster for the matching chairs. The chairs are not made in house. But they are produced by an Italian firm that considers the same unique style and traditional values to be of paramount importance. The chairs are made according to traditional methods and in a very well thought-out manner, with an eye for tradition, quality and the environment. This is a breath of fresh air in our throwaway society in which assembly-line work and overproduction have the upper hand.

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